12 July 2016 0

I will show you “How can you maket o crossed bun?”. It is some easy. But it just for girls. We need just a clasp. Not more. Now, you will do exactly what you see. And then it is will be done. source

DIY Friendship Bracelet

11 July 2016 0

We need rope. But plenty of rope. Than we look the pictures. And we’re doing same things. And we have plenty of bracelets. May be we will gift that he? Yes, yes. Sharing is good. Presents is beautiful. Let’s do it. source

Popsicle Stick Bracelets Tutorial

10 July 2016 0

Heey! We’ll bracelets with popsicle stick. It’s gonna funny. Let’s we start. Firstly, we full up to pot with water. And then throw up to popsicle stick to water. And we need to a glass jar. We exactly doing what we see. And we obtain may be one bracelet may be a few bracelets. source

DIY Gift Ideas 29 Handmade Gifts

9 July 2016 0

Hi, we will do print of potato. And we are gonna hand made gift. Then we gift it someone. Come. Let’s do it. First, we need a bottle. A water bottle. And a paper. Big a paper. And, yes. We need a pencil too. Now, we will do exactly what we see, okey? Then we’re done. source

Examples of cat toys

8 July 2016 0

Hi everybody! Today I amm gonna show you something. I will show you: Cat Toy. Yes, yes. Cat toy. But we will not do this today. Just for example. You see on the pictures these cats. May be I show you how is doing ha? Yes, why not. Bu for now, have a nice day! source

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