Colcha corazones

26 October 2016 0

Here is a pattern for making your own crochet bed cover with hearts. You can make them for your children or for your own bedroom. You can easily crochet this with the pattern. You can find much more crochet tutorials and patterns in this website.

Easy way to make crochet bow

26 October 2016 0

This is one of the simplest and prettiest crochet patterns. You can follow this tutorial to make a really cute crochet bow. It is useful for many different crafts. You can use these for clothes, crochet slippers, bed covers etc. You can find more crochet patterns here.

Peluche de crochet conejita

26 October 2016 0

With this very beautiful, yet very simple crochet tutorial, you can make a plush toy for your children. Making this crochet toy is very straightforward. Knit the body and the head first, stuff them. Then crochet the limbs and stuff them too. Finally, finish with the ears.

Punto piña de varetas o puntos altos

26 October 2016 0

Here is another crochet pattern that you can use in your crafts. You can easily knit with this tutorial that shows every step in detail. You can find more patterns like this in this website. For more patterns, tutorials and ideas about crochet, check out other posts.

Croche Irlandes

25 October 2016 0

Here is another pattern for making a crochet flower. With this multilayered crochet flower tutorial, your crafts will look even better. It is very simple to do, but it looks really good. You can find many more crochet tutorials and patterns in our other posts.

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