Amazing DIY Decoration With Wood slice

Amazing DIY Decoration With Wood slice

Do you want to make your self creations at home with cheapest way? If you are saying yes you are reading true passage at the moment.

Nowadays there are some epic home-made creation and production crazyness everywhere! People who have plenty of empty time and like to create self things make real their amazing creation dreams.

Today we are showing you a spectacular home-made wood decoration slices. You can easily shape the soft wood pieces with a small jig saw in a trice! And then attach a red-blue ribbon to their sides.

You can use mini nails to drill the woods. And also if you want you can paint the woods with different funny colors. New created wood decorations are ready to use in your sweet home! Hang them to wall,rooms or wherever you want!

You know what you can spray a perfume on it too! Because wood keeps perfumes long period of time as you know. Thus your home will smell amazing for hours. Come on then don’t think anymore. Start it!

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