Amazing DIY Tips to Decorate Your Home Using Rope

Amazing DIY Tips to Decorate Your Home Using Rope

Do it yourself pictures and methods goes on from same place full speed! You can create home made economic concepts yourself easily and cheap.

Would you want imagine that you can make your own seat yourself? Yes, you are not wrong and did not hear wrong. You can create your own rest point in a few minutes!

We are going to show you how you produce your own mini sofa! Only need a few materials to finish it. Do you need to read more this amazing idea? Let’s go ahead!


* 15-17 inch rubber tire

* Sufficiently thick rope

* Colorless glue

* Strong wooden panel

* Drill

* Mini nails


1. Erect the round wooden panel to rubber tire with mini nails.

2. Stick a mini nail until half to middle of panel.

3. Smear the glue with a brush over the panel properly.

4. Wind the rope to panel slowly and leave to dry for a while.

5. Smear the glue to other sides of rubber tire and wind the rope and leave dry.

Now you have an amazing seat solution at home. Enjoy it!

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