Amazing DIY Wine Cork Hacks

Amazing DIY Wine Cork Hacks

Do it yourself madness goes on full speed as everytime! As you know of course home economy is one of the most important thing in the life dear readers..

Do you imagine you can make own bath mat yourself? Yes, you are not wrong and did not hear wrong. You can make your own amazing mats in a few minutes only!

Now our site is going to show you how you produce your own bath mats easily! You only will need a few materials to make it real.

Do you need to read more this perfect idea? Let’s go ahead and start then!


* Wine corks

* Knife

* Hack floor

* Glue

* Whatsoever mat


1. Cut in the middle the corks by using a mini knife on hack floor.

2. Apply the hot glue to over of mat completely and fastly.

3. Stick the corks strongly to mat and leave to dry for a long time.

That’s all. It’s ready to use in your bathroom!

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