Crochet puff stitch flower diagram

Do it yourself pictures go ahead full speed again! You can create yourself home made economic concepts easily and cheap if you care about your budget.

Do you know that you can make puff stitch flowers easily? Yes, you are not wrong and definitely you can do it. You can create your own knitting flowers with a cheap way!

Today here we will show you how you design cute puff flowers! You only will need a few materials to finish this project fastly.

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Needed Materials:

* Knitting needle

* Knitting yarn


1. Use the template to knit the flower.

2. Take a look often to pattern.

Congratulations! Your decorative puff stitch flowers are ready for your home! Do you want to see other models? Check the our web site please. Take care of yourself, good bye.


Here is another great addition to your crochet pattern library. With this pattern, you can make really cute puff stitch flowers. Thanks to this simple crochet pattern, your crafts will look even better. Try it out and see for yourselves. Check out other crochet patterns here.

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