Amazing Spray Painting Ideas to Redecorate Your Home

Amazing Spray Painting Ideas to Redecorate Your Home


Do it yourself projects go head full speed like all the time here! Dear guests, as you know in-home economy is a serious matter if you have limited budget for home.

Were you knowing that you can design yourself metallic colored flowerpot easily? Of course yes, it is very true and you can create them fastly-cheap!

Definitely easy to creat different designed colored flowerpots a few minutes only! In this article, today we are showing you how can you create super shiny flowerpots!

You just have to collect a few materials to make this. Do you curious about the details of this spectacular opinion? Let’s go!


* Metallic colored spray paint.

* A few flowerpots.

* Old newspapers.


1.Lay low the old newspapers to protect the floor from paint.

2. Paint the flowerpots regulary and double layer.

3. Leave to dry for a couple hours.

Wow! It looks amazing, doesn’t it? Now call your the best friend to show your flashingly flowerpots!

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