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Quilling Tutorials

23 July 2016 0

You can make a beautiful flower by paper quilling. First, you need to cut the paper to make the petals. Then, you need to give some curvature to the petals. Make little pieces with a hole punch to make the center. Attach them all to the base. source : pinterest

Elephant tutorial

23 July 2016 0

Here is a tutorial to make fondant elephant as a cake topper. This is a great one for celebrating your child’s birthday. First, you need to make the body and the head. Then, you can make the legs and the ears. Complete the details and place it on the cake. source : pinterest

Polymer Clay Projects Dragon

23 July 2016 0

You can make your own dragon out of polymer clay to decorate your child’s room. Get some polymer clay and start by making the body and the limbs. Then, create the head and face. Finally, make some leaves and a stand to put the dragon on it. source : pinterest

DIY Felt Baby Shoes

23 July 2016 0

Are looking for a tutorial to make shoes for your baby? Here is a very simple one that you can easily make. For a pair of shoes, you only need four pieces of felt and some thread. Choose the colors as you like, stitch up the pieces together. source : pinterest

DIY Projects for Girls

23 July 2016 0

Here is a decorative and useful idea. You can stop your headphones from splitting while completing your style perfectly. Get the threads in any color you like, and tie them together to wrap them around the cables. Completely cover them and start using them as you like. source : pinterest

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