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New DIY Fruit Pom Poms

14 July 2016 0

I will answer to your question is “How can I make fruit pom poms?” as make to fruit pom poms together. Come, we need some staff. We supply them first. We can start after then. Yes, now we can start. Follow this pictures. And as do as on pictures. source

Easy Minion Cookies

14 July 2016 0

Hi, ladies! This is just for you. Guys, you’re eliminate for this thing just this time. No offence. We need some things. We must supply these materials first. Now, we can start. You must do only thing: You will do exactly what you see. That’s it. Not more thing. source

Sock Monkey – Free Sewing Pattern

14 July 2016 0

Hi, guys! We will maket o exciting today. And this thing so different. We need a few materials. We must supply and then we can start make it. Then we will do exactly what we see. It’s done. So sweety. We can use now. Good job, guys! source

DIY Macrame Bracelet

13 July 2016 0

We will do macrame bracelet today. We need these staff: Long a rope, a scissors, a needle, a ring, a tape. Look at the pictures. And then we will exactly doing what we see. It’s so useful thing for fashion. Now we can share to bracelet with our friends. source

How to Build Triangle Shelving

13 July 2016 0

We will make to triangle shelving on this text. Now, we need six pieces woods and some glue. Not anything else. Now, we will first paste to three pieces to woods. And then we will past the others three pieces woods. We had two triangle shelving, thus. And we can use that now. source

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