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DIY Cute Little Teddy Bear

26 April 2016 0

DIY Cute Little Teddy Bear Flip your sock back to front and draw the head and ears at the toe end. The heel turns into his minimal bum and you draw out the legs on the opposite side of that. Whatever remains of the sock sleeve turns into his arms. Removed the head shape and after that trim a little Read More

DIY sock owl

26 April 2016 0

DIY sock owl Sock creatures are adorable and exceptionally enjoyable to make. Most essential, you don’t need uncommon abilities to make a sock toy, as it is a simple task. To finish your sock creature accumulation, here’s a cool instructional exercise on the best way to make a little sock cat. Basically cute! source

DIY New Cute Sock Kitten

26 April 2016 0

Sock animals are cute and very fun to make. The materials you’ll need are : socks. yarn. scissor. filling material. needle and string. Googly eyes and the example from beneath. Removed the pieces you are going to need to collect the body of the little cat. Include filling material inside the socks and sew the body. Sew the head set Read More

DIY Cute Sock Kitten

26 April 2016 0

DIY Cute Sock Kitten DIY Cute Sock Kitten HOME MADE RABBIT FROM SOCKS You use at home and can bring about evaluating your old stuff very nice furnishings. Now we will explain how it is a cute rabbit out sock you use to you; 1 – 2. Total filling fiber socks are necessary and we’re dividing in half and we Read More

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