We play snow ball with our children and make snowmen. On these cold days we will wear baby socks in order to keep their baby cold. Both with their own knit products.. Let’s start. It is a good project to evaluate the remaining yarns at home.

Let’s start with the magic ring and do 8 rabbits into it. In the next round, we will sink twice on each stitch to make 16 needles. In this round we will make 32 rabbits as an increase. Then we continue to knit 3 as an increase, 4 as an increase. Let’s continue to knit without raising 5 rows.

If you examine the pictures carefully, you will know more clearly how to do it. If you want to keep such writings going, do not forget to recommend us to your friends and do not forget to comment below. If you have such projects, do not forget to share with us


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