Today we are going to make unbelievable birthday party cupcakes for your parties. You can see the pictured details of project below. We will create nail polish bottle shaped candies.

If you are ready, lets go!


*Prepare the materials like sugar powder, marshmallow and roll chocolate.
*Lightly mist the marshmallow all over with water.
*Roll damp marshmallow in colored sanding sugar.
*Insert half a toothpick into a roll chocolate.
*Stick the toothpick into the top of the marshmallow.
*Place marshmallows on frosted cupcakes.

Omg. Can you see what you did? Wow, we did an amazing party plate with you suddenly. You can invite your friends the night party now. This is a very cheap and cool project for your parties.

You even can sell these candies on your personal web site for organizations and for special days. You can gain really good money with this sweet opinion.

Wonder more idea? You just need to take a look other designs in our web site, good bye!



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