DIY Cute Sock Kitten



DIY Cute Sock Kitten DIY Cute Sock Kitten


You use at home and can bring about evaluating your old stuff very nice furnishings. Now we will explain how it is a cute rabbit out sock you use to you;

1 – 2. Total filling fiber socks are necessary and we’re dividing in half and we plant in the middle of the first and into the cutting side of the cut.

2 – The second sock filling fiber in top form, we plant it in on the first sock.

3 – Put a little getting fiber into the second sock and the rest, so we plant in the kitty will be the tail.

4 – then we end Parts 1, 2 and 3 combines and kitten eye of the buttons on the head and mouth making process. Cute kediciği ready. Gul, use it.


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