DIY Clay and Rope Pot tutorial steps

Wish you happy days dear readers. Our diy adventures go on like all the time. We try to show you how to produce useful home materials by yourself easily.

Have you ever thought to make mini cute pot with clay? Yes it is a cheap but glorious way to make a decorative pot. We will show you how you do it with basic home materials.

You may have other materials at home but you only will need to get some clay to do this super project. And your cute fruit pot will be ready in a few minutes only. Wonder more? Let’s go.

Needed Materials:

* Enough clay.

* Mini pipet

* Medium size rope

* Bowl

* Sewing yarn

* Needle

* Knife


1. Fill the clay to bowl and give bowl shape to clay.

2. After a some time cut the surplus sides of clay with knife.

3.Get out the clay carefully.

4. Drill the clay wih pipet like in pictures and leave to dry.

4. Wind the rope around the pot by using needle and yarn like showed template.

Bravo. Your cute fruit pot is ready to use in kitchen. Wonder more design? You will see a lot of model for your home. Wish you sunny days, good bye.

DIY Clay and Rope Pot tutorial steps


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