DIY Handmade Gifts For Your Darling

DIY Handmade Gifts For Your Darling

Do it yourself madness goes on full speed as everytime! As you know home economy is one of the most important thing in the life.

Then we have to be careful about money spending. We should think about futures and saving money.

Were you knowing you can save money fastly by doing home made materials and goods. Also you can sell them people else who knows!

Do you want to give an unbelievable gift to your beloved ones? If yes you must to read this article definitely.

Today we are going to show you how can create a gift with socks! Yes socks, you only need a couple socks and a few material. Do you wonder more? Let’s do it.

Needed Materials:

*A couple cream colored socks.

*A red velvet rag.

*Sewing yarn



1. Cut the velvet rag with scissor as heart shaped two pieces.

2. Stitch the hearts to socks with a mini sewing needle.

3. Iron the socks properly.

Done! You only need a cute gift packet to give your awesome home made gift to your beloved ones.

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