DIY Ideas to Remodel Your Wall

Self creation world goes on further day by day with an amazing speed! Today we are going to show you a new decoration model!

If you want to make color your walls of home you should read this article definitely. This time new diy remodel idea was selected for you. It’s boom wall art!

Let’s take a look what is going on below:
Needed Materials
-2 pieces styrofoam balls (smooth)
-10 pieces bamboo skewers
– Metallic spray paints
-3M duct tape for walls


1. To attach to the wall sand or cut the back of the balls to make a flat surface .
2. Spray the balls (either black or white). Spray the skewers to gold color until half or more.

3. Spray to black and white the end of skewers. There should be two group skewers that painted black and painted white color until half.

4. Leave to dry the colored materials.

5. After dry, paste the 3m tape to back of the balls.

6. Stick the skewers to balls according to color groups. Then paste to wall the balls.

Congratulations, done! Now you can call your friends to show your new design!

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