DIY Macrame Bracelet




Bracelets can do wonders with a small house a few things yourself. And you will save by doing this type of wristband, you have to evaluate your belongings that you use both your home. How about making it a great work of art? Meanwhile evaluating your belongings that you use at home, we want you to know you will have a great accessory.

In this way, you deserve to look great! Let’s go now if you want to make your stylish bracelet; 30 cm color rope, needles, tubes and bright in width through which the rope 2 bead bracelet will be enough for us. First the colored rope, we are having with the help of needles in bright tube.

Follow these steps as you see in the pictures after adhering to the junction point of the rope connecting method, we perform the linking process. Connecting through the process as well as with our other colorful rope after work, making our wristbands in different colors, you can have a stylish bracelet.

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