Best tips and great Guide to Awesome DIY shelves

Do it yourself pictures go ahead full speed again! You can create yourself home made economic concepts easily and cheap if you care about your budget.

Could you imagine that you can make own magazine shelves easily and free? Yes, you are not wrong and definitely you can do this. You may create your own magazine shelves with a fast way!

Today here we will show you how you design a cute-free book-magazine shelf ! You only will need a few materials to finish this project fastly.

Do you want to read more about this amazing article and wonder? Come on let’s go ahead below!

Needed Materials:

* Enough wood pieces

* Nails

* Adze

* Saw

* Sandpaper

* Varnish


1. Cut the woods with saw properly as in picture.

2. Use nails and adze to erect the woods each other.

3. Fix with sandpaper the wooden shelves sides.

4. Apply the varnish double layer.

5. Leave to dry.

Congratulations! Your decorative wooden book-magazine shelves are ready! You may use when you want. So long!


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