DIY Sock Monkey


DIY Sock Monkey

This work of art, ridiculous sock toy has been a most loved of youngsters and grown-ups for quite a long time. To make your very own sock monkey, take after these strides. Discover two clean socks. The best ones can’t avoid being ones with heels and toes in differentiating hues to whatever remains of the sock. Lay one sock with the heel level down. You may need to straighten the sock against its regular wrinkle to get this going. Draw an inside line on the sock from the toe to around one inch from the hued heel. Include catch eyes. To give your monkey whites on the outside of his eyes, stick or sew the catches onto a touch of white felt. At that point, with string of a differentiating shading, sew on the felt simply over the gag. You now have a delightful sock monkey!


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