DIY Tunisian crochet

Tunisian crochet

Knitting Crochet long (Tunisian, Afghan weaving, viktoriaskoe, “tunnel”).
Long crochet knit is always on the front side of the forward and reverse direction so the web has a clearly expressed right and wrong sides.
Products associated long hook, practical to wear, since the web is not stretched Tunisian any length or width and hardly deforms after washing.
These properties should be considered when calculating the product before knitting, increasing the allowance for the free fit.

The hook should be flat and smooth bar (35 – 45 cm length) with the end cap on to a number of loops, which are gaining simultaneously throughout the width of the items, do not fly off during use.Size is determined by the diameter of the hook of a long rod, and pick it depending on the thickness of the yarn with the expectation that the hook was about 2 times thicker strings.Tunisian crochet hooks may be normal length (12 – 15 cm) on the cable.
These hooks are easier, more convenient when knitting parts to the large width and indispensable for a circular knitting.


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