Easy and Pretty DIY Concepts for Terrariums

Easy and Pretty DIY Concepts for Terrariums

Do it yourself pictures and methods goes on from same place full speed! You can create home made economic concepts yourself easily and cheap.

Well, are you interested about plants and animals? And do you want to own and care them in your house yourself? Then you have to take a look this page definitely.

Because today we are going to show you how can make a terrarium at home with a very easy way. Just need a few material to do it. Curious about more? Let’s do it!

Needed Materials:

* A medium or big round glass shaped botte or circle or whatever you need.

*A glass cutter.

* Glass grinding paper.

* Soil or water or needed materials for terrarium.

* Garnish materials.


1. Cut the top shaped circle of bottle or glass.

2. Grind the brim and sides of glass.

2. Put soil or water or what you need for animal or plant.

4. Put the garnish materials inside.

Your terrarium is ready from now on to use how you want! Animals and plants will fall in love their new homes!

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