How to knit a vest starting from the neck?

How to knit a vest, starting from the neck? Hello friends, after a short break we’re here again. And I collected many knitting photos and tutorials in this time.

Now I will share the most popular vest models with a start from the neck. The Knit is knitted with antibacterial baby yarn and a size 4 knitting needle. You will make stitches according to the thickness of the needle and yarn.


I will give the stitch numbers for newborn and 1 year old babies. You will start with 70 stictches ribbed and knit 20 rows. After 20 rows we add 1 stitch for each stitch.

Then we knit the backside with stockinette stitch and we will have 140 stitches and we will knit 22 stitches and we cut the other 22 stitches. This will be the first arm hole.

Then we will knit the next 42 stitches and this will be the back of the vest. Then we will knit the next 22 stitches and finish the row. We knit the lower side with any model we want and we will finish the seemless vest with a start from neck.

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