Knitted booties with two needles tutorial


Knitted booties

I started the booties with nr.3 baby yarn and 35 stitches. I increased 4 stitches in every flat side with pink yarn and when there is 66 stitches in 10th row, I finished the stockinette stitch.


I knitted 2 rows, one with white yarn and one with pink yarn. And I kintted 8 rows stockinette stitch on the sides of the 10 stitches in middle part.



There is 45 stitches left and I knitted 15 rows and I finshed.

Hairband : I knitted 12 stitches for the hairband and after 45 row I cutted. Then I made a rubberband as a cross behind it. At the and I decorated both with festoons and beads.

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