So Cute Bonsai

Do it yourself popularity goes on full speed like all the time today, too! As you know of course home economy is a really important point in our lifes dear readers.

Were you knowing that you can create a spectacular bonzai flowerpot to your beloved ones? Yes, you are not wrong you can do it!

You can design your own amazing decorative flowerpots and vases in a few minutes only! We will show you now how you create your own vases!

You only will need a few materials to create it. Do you want to read more about this brilliant idea? Let’s go on then!

Needed Materials:

* Rope

* Flexible hard fabric


1. Cut the fabric material shaped triangle like in pictures.

2. Stitch the fabrics like in pictures.

3. Put the plant inside.

Wow yes! Look at that super decorative bonzai flowepot! It’s done and ready to erect your bonzai! Have a nice day dear readers…

So Cute Bonsai | DIY & Crafts Tutorials
bonzai flowerpot


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