Master Rustic DIY Storage and Decor

Master Rustic DIY Storage and Decor

Hello everyone! We are together again with you today. We are going to teach like always how you will save money more by doing home made creations and products easily.

You can do all you want at home easily and practically. In our articles you can see all details about this matters, their materials and steps.

Today we are going to make perfect home made wall hooks! Yes you did not hear wrong! It is really easy and cheap to do!

You will only need one or two materials to make it. Then let’s take a look how we do it. You can see the needed materials below:


1.Wood pieces

2.Mini saw

3.Adhesive glue.

4.Screw nails.


1.Firstly you should find a few wood pieces.

2.Properly cut the woods with a saw shaped like circles according to pictures.

3.Affix the screwnais to little wood circles.

4.Drill the wall.

5.Paste the wood circles each other with glue, leave to dry.

6.Erect the woods with nails to wall.

Done! Now you can use your new hangers! Also you can paint your new hooks to spice!

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