Rainbow garland pattern

Hello our beloved readers. As you know home economy is the most important issue in our lifes. We should spend our moneys carefully and slowly.

And if we need more money we can produce somethings at home. Or we can use our materials to do something we need.

So as you see we don’t have to buy what we need and we can produce knitting rainbows by ourself and we can save money if we keep on this kind of projects all the time.

You can see one of this examples in this site. We are showing you how can produce your own  multicolored rainbows from a free way.

Needed Materials:

* Crochet needle

* Crochet yarn


1. Start from templates and go ahead carefully.

2. Do not miss to look to pictures often.

It’s ready! Your cute rainbow garland knittings are ready to use at your sweet home. Bravo!


With this rainbow garland pattern, you can make a really pretty and colorful wall decoration. Use this pattern to make the triangles in different colors. Then, string them up to hang on the wall. You can find more crochet tutorials in our other posts.

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