crocheted motif from Fionitta

Do it yourself popularity goes on full speed like all the time today, too! As you know of course home economy is a really important point in our lifes dear readers.

Were you knowing that you can create spectacular multicolored table cloth for your home and your beloved ones? Yes, you are not wrong you can do it!

You may create your own amazing table cloths in a few hours only with this template! We will show you now how you make your own table clothes for your sweet home!

You only will need a few materials to create this design. Do you want to read more about this brilliant idea? Let’s go below:

Needed Materials:

* Multicolored knitting yarn.

* Knitting needle.


1. Follow the template like showed in pictures.

2. Knit the pattern carefully according to pictures.

Your spectacular table cloth is ready ! If you want to learn more table cloth ideas and somethings different just take a look to web site. Good bye!


If you are looking for a new pattern to knit a tablecloth, a blanket or something else, you can check this one out. You can use multicolored yarn for the best results. You can find more crochet patterns in our other posts. Follow us for more.

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