Paper Artificial Flowers




Now you can easily make your home you will describe the construction and roses to use as a great decor items. Now let’s just making you want a great laugh. To have great looking blue you see in the first picture and a rose will be enough to have just a blue colored paper.

with any color in your home or at your favorite paper with color, so that the size of 5×5 We divide into 5 parts. we obtained colored paper in sizes 5×5, the first priorities are to be folding triangle. Then we get the triangle are creeping toward the apex of the triangle by holding the two wings.

We obtained the wings you get the shape you see in the picture again to fold in the middle. By sticking to round two with an adhesive form of assistance we get. After gluing process after you apply this to our other 4 each paper sheet; so that it is robust with each round so that we will obtain a great flower. Now it’s your turn! Very easy to do, it can view the colored paper you use in your home, a magnificent flower in you.

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