If you want to make yourself a stylish Jewelry Box, you have the opportunity to look for the finished parcel bands. We can get very stylish and handy boxes with a little hand skill and a little bit of creativity with the Band Boxes we use and after we have finished.

Materials: Wide ribbons for ribbons and edges to be used for decorating in various colors – Patterned papers or patterned wallpaper – Staple cutter for cutting the crete – Adhesive – Cardboard – Pencil for drawing.

First, stick the wide white ribbon on one side of the parcel band. The technique used here is very nice, very clever. We put the ribbon on one side of the parcel band and now we will put the pattern paper on the other side as well.

Cut the paper that is placed inside the paper and leave the paste paper about 5 centimeters away and cut it like the picture to be able to glue it with scissors to the full parcel band. When you are done pasting, glue it neatly from the parcel band again based on the full satin ribbon.


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