Royal Rib Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket

Royal rib is a great model and it keeps warm. It looks wavy, especially when it’s knitted with smart yarn.
The one bad thing about royal rib is, it takes too much yarn but this makes it more warm.


Our stitch number here is for a 1×1 meter blanket. The model is simple and it requires 4,5 size yarn and 8 baby wool balls. I start with 140 stitches, after 600 rows I cut the stitches and finish the blanket.

If it’s diffcult to count 600 rows, you can measure the blanket as 1 meter. Royal rib is a streching model, because of that you can stitch a cotton flannel to the backside.

The wool yarn won’t irritate the children and the knitting looks better this way. You can knit a bigger blanket or a cover for a couch with this model.

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