Rustic Home Decor Ideas




Are you tired of the ordinary lighting in your home? Do you want a new look or a new touch? Or become intertwined with nature and you like to take a signature to both magnificent decoration? That’s for you, with you as simple as possible for both natural and appears as a spectacular lighting desk made together again.

Your cup is the sine qua non of your home and can make a great table lighting a piece of you gather around the tree branch. Absolute or fashion that you use in your home, you have the cup is passed. Both of these types of glass waive throw away, but you also love your glass is outdated or you will make the most beautiful way.

Now how chic table lighting just let us explain. And both found a little walk around your home and enjoy the wonderful sunny weather, pick the smaller of downed tree limbs or our dry. enough to be 15 or 20 and a cup of your neck, we recommend you to choose about 5 or tree branches up to more than 10 cm.

Both cups will appear in this way will show itself in full as well as tree branches. The branch that you collect with each other so that there is no gap paste tightly onto your glass. Leave to dry after pasting all branches. After drying is complete, insert the lamp into a favorite color and plug it into the outlet. As you can see it looks amazing.

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