Hello friends today we will tell about the story of the paper-making drawing of the paper originated in the beginning of origami that everyone likes in the field of origami art. In the art of paper folding, where a lot of young people are curious about smallness, each individual is actually the step of starting work. The general name of paper folding art is origami. Origami is the art of papers to find life in the great hands of real life.

– Color origami square paper
– Color ornaments.
– Colored crayons or pre-school waterborne paint.
– Adhesives.
– Scissors
With the above materials you can quickly reveal the shape of an easy ship. You can benefit from colorful origami papers for many more sample models such as shipbuilding.

It is both a fun activity and a skill-building technique for shipbuilding kids. Origami paper events should be organized according to the wishes of the children and the shapes in their memory.


source : pinterest

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