Did you accumulate glass jars in the near future to recycle? We have a perfect transformation project for you; you can transform them into stylish glass candle holders. A great way to beautify the small corners of Banyon Lake.

What you need to make simple but impressive glass candle holders is probably at home. In a few easy steps we’ll show you how you can clean sticky labels without leaving marks and you can make clean glass candlesticks that will make every environment beautiful.

You need:
Various glass jars
Candles in different sizes
Funnel (or paper)
Microfiber cloth
Cif Ammoniac Cream
An old establishment bezi
A sharp point
Green leather lace or a nice ribbon

First, let’s clean the jars to start the jar candle holder project. To remove sticky labels, drop a drop of Cif Ammoniac Cream on a damp cloth and remove them by wiping. Rinse lightly to remove it from the residue, after it has been set up with a drying cloth, you are now ready to shine a glass jar.


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