Hi there! As we say everyday, you can find here easily hand made projects in our web site. We bring you everytime cool jobs and opinions.

Were you knowing that you can create amazing art works at home with cheap way? If your answer is yes, you just need our web site to make your own home made materials.

Let’s take a look how we will do it:


*Wood block


*Crochet Hook(optional)

*Tapestry needle

*Embroidery threads

You should erect the materials according to pictures and template and go through pictures. Wow look at that! We made together an amazing miniature loom for your sweet home.

You know what it may be also a good gift to beloved ones. Do you wonder different home designs? Then you should definitely take a look other designs in our web site.

Wish you sunny and cheerful day, good bye!

Fall For DIY How to make a miniture loom

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