Tiny embroidery models are a popular, processed, and delighted type of processing in every period. How to handle it, how to make rococo embroidery, how to make chain work, embroidery towels, covers, dowry bochers, decorative cuts, what more … You can find examples of all these on our site and you can do good works yourself. You can design it as a dowry, a gift or a product that can be sold.

Take a look at these embroidered models, finely textured examples, that have taken the name with the use of floss embroidery threads for the first time in Brazil and integrated with this country.

This embroidery, with its 3-dimensional, textured structure and eye-filling, is an impressive type of processing, especially with the flowers of rococo technique, which is very well known and preferred. The texture of the used thread also changes the shape of the processor. If you like it, comment us from below


source : pinterest

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