Baby bootie pattern

Do it yourself popularity goes on full speed like all the time today, too! As you know of course home economy is a really important point in our lifes dear readers.

Were you knowing that you can create spectacular baby bootie to your baby or beloved ones? Yes, you are not wrong you can do it!

You can design your own amazing booties in a few hours only! We will show you now how you create your baby bootie!

You only will need a few materials and this baby bootie tutorial to create it.Do you want to read more about this brilliant idea? Let’s go on then!

Needed Materials:

* Colored knitting yarn

* Knitting needle


1.  Read the tutorial carefully and look pictures.

2. Go ahead step by step carefully.

Oh my god! Look at that sweet booties! It’s done and ready to use them! Wish you happ days dear readers..

baby bootie tutorial

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