Whether you want to decorate your home or as a keychain you will use a beautiful toy model. I suggest this to the ladies and also make your children play as a toy. You will soon realize how it is already done in the pictorial representation of the work we have been doing step by step.

We will make a miniature teddybear today. It is also sold at high prices. However, this work is a miniature work and can also be used as a keychain.

First of all, you can do this beautiful work using linen cloth. You can also inflate the inner filling with felt or wool. If you have some stitching, you will do it in a short time. Use the gin button for the eye lines. If you want to stitch that part several times with black thread.

For teddybear you will first need the template. After cutting and preparing the head, body, arm and leg parts like the picture narration on the linen fabric, you have to make the inner filling with the wool and the staple fiber. Then after you have prepared all the pieces separately in this way, you are going to the merging phase.


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