Hello, I would like to talk about a project that you are very interested in and I would like to show you some very nice baskets while evaluating the newspapers that I want to show you in a long time. As you can see in the pictures, the result is really great, frankly, I am very pleased to be one of those who knows how well these kinds of baskets are sold.

If you want the best type of paper to make this event, you can use it on the magazine’s leaves, but that’s about what you will do. If you go through the process of dyeing the leaves of the magazines with glossy paper, I am not sure whether it will absorb the dye. Maybe we can learn by doing a little experiment.

Now let’s look at what we should pay attention to in this project. We need to divide the newspaper paper in two, and you have to do as tightly as possible while you are doing the rolls.

When we start rolls, if we glue them nicely from the paper edge, both the rolls can not be opened and it helps us to tighten. You need to put a piece of cardboard on the floor of the basket as long as the width of the carton column matches the size and width of the basket you are going to wear and when you start to weave the basket. Study the pictures and do it



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