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13 easy precautions to stay cold in cold weather

If you are a very cold person, going outside during the winter can be a pain for you. Therefore, it is useful to know these precautions.


1. Preheat your clothes

Do not get dressed in the morning without warming up your clothes!
Getting used to the cold bedroom air after getting out of bed during the winter can be quite painful. Make it a habit to pre-warm your clothes before wearing them. The best way to do this is to hang your clothes on the radiator overnight. When you put on the warm clothes, you will almost feel like you are going back to bed.

2. Invest in quality thermals

Thermal suits aren’t just for skiing. A thermal top and a pair of trousers, tights or socks should be a must in our wardrobe. Wearing thermal underwear under your winter clothes will keep you surprisingly warm. Get full-coverage thermal clothing for their full effect. If you want it to last for years, learn how to wash every item in your wardrobe.

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3. Fleece tights

If you don’t like thermals, get fleece tights. Lined fleece tights keep you warmer than you think. Get these tights for the sake of your legs, especially if you really need to wear skirts during the winter months. You don’t have to wear it under the skirt. Wear thick tights under your jeans.

4. Hand warmers

so as not to get cold
If your hand doesn’t get warm even inside the glove, all you have to do is get a hand warmer. Hand warmers are surprisingly good at providing warmth. Especially if you are going to be outside in the approaching cold, you should definitely have your hand warmer with you.

5. Cover every inch of your body

While it is certainly beneficial to dress in thin layers in the winter, most people prefer thicker clothes. In order not to lose body heat and not to get cold, one should wear thin and layered clothes. And every square centimeter of your body should be covered. Every millimeter of skin left open to external factors will cause extremely rapid heat loss in cold weather. Neck warmers, hats and gloves are essential when outside in the cold.

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6. Eat fatty foods

Now you can eat more fatty foods, a bonus we can’t argue against the cold weather! Fatty foods raise the pH of the blood in our body (which is usually lower in cold weather). This is said to help us stay warmer for longer. Bring in the pork belly and mash it up!

7. Thermal flask

Thermal flasks do more than just keep your stomach warm. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate – whatever your favorite hot beverage is, it will be your savior when the temperature starts to drop.

The beverage inside your bottle not only warms the inside of your body, but the cover also helps keep your hands warm. You can hold it in your hand like a hand warmer or tuck it inside your jacket like a hot water bottle. Of course, first make sure that the lid is closed securely.

8. Keep moving

This may sound classic, but one of the quickest ways to warm up and stay warm at the same time is to keep moving. Whether you’re accelerating or making small movements from one foot to the other while standing still, you’ll burn energy and continue to warm your body.

9. Make sure you drink enough water

so as not to get cold

You may not feel thirsty just because it’s not suffocating outside. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be getting enough water.

In fact, it’s really important to keep your water level high in the winter. Water is good at retaining heat, so drinking enough water helps keep your body warm.

10. Keep your head covered

Never underestimate the power of a beret. The blood vessels in our head are much closer to the skin surface than in other parts of our body, making heat loss more likely. Keeping the surface of your head covered as much as possible will keep you feeling comfortable and relaxed on those cold outdoor days.

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11. DIY wool insoles

Are you going somewhere really cold? Then make yourself a wool insoles so you don’t get cold. Since our shoes are in direct contact with a cold surface, the ground, our feet can get cold easily, and once our feet are cold it is difficult to warm them up again.

Is it our number? DIY wool insoles! It’s very easy to do. Cutting two pieces of wool to cover the bottom of your shoes. It will be like wearing slippers everywhere you go and your feet will stay incredibly warm.

12. Wear a cycling cap

Cycling caps aren’t just useful for cyclists. Almost like a swimming cap, cyclists wear thin, narrow caps under their helmets to keep their ears and head warm in winter winds. If the weather is very cold, it may be a good idea to wear a biker cap under your usual woolen hat.

13. Wear a scarf

If you only use your scarf to keep your neck warm, you’re doing it wrong. One of the best ways to stay cold outside is to wear a scarf.

Scarves are incredibly versatile! Used as a cloak under coats, they can be used as a blanket for cold knees and even as a kind of heater. If you wrap your scarf around your nose, your breath will provide a little more heat to keep your face warm on cold days.

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