22 Garden Landscape Ideas for a Happy Garden

Owned gardens are made more comfortable because everyone who is bored with their homes throws themselves into gardens and parks. In this respect, 22 garden landscape ideas suitable for gardens that are tried to be made more comfortable in an easier way are in a structure that can be applied for any garden, big or small. After the summer months come, people who spend more time in nature do not want to spend time in any garden, but in a more attentive, more comfortable and more elegant garden. Thus, people who spend their time more productively enjoy spending time together in nature and hosting guests happily. Especially those who have rich designs for landscaping spend time in the garden day and night during the summer.

Soil Separate Stone Separate

It is important that the designs made in the gardens have a regular appearance. Soil areas are separated from areas covered with pebbles with definite lines. Oval lines are distributed asymmetrically throughout the region. There are plants in the soil areas and a well-kept structure stands out. The garden is separated by a fence.

Stony Road


It is possible to protect the lawn by making a walkway for those entering the house from a large garden. The lawns are spread over a wide area and are in a well-kept appearance. There are floor coverings in the square-looking areas in rows, but white pebbles stand out in a row on the edge of it.



Large stones and pebbles and grassy area and earthy area with other plants are clearly separated from each other. In this design, there are colorful flowers in the soil area.

Full View


By separating the well-groomed and lively structure of the lawn with stones collected from nature, the area full of flowers is separated from each other. The flowers have a dense structure with a tree-like body structure and an oval image is present, not sharp.

Wood Look


Oval lines are created with pebbles by dividing a certain area with the exception of the lawns. The large and small stones in the middle lie in a curved way like a stream. It has the appearance of brown soil around it and this area is rectangular in shape. Wood was placed on the ground from place to place.

Big Stones


An earthen cube placed inside the flowers is a marvelous appearance that is customary in landscaping. Huge rocks that separate the flowers from the grass will be enough for a natural look.



An old wheelbarrow and a birdhouse-like image are placed on one side of a wooden stand in a visible area of ​​the garden, with old agricultural tools on the sides and a potted flower in a pot right across the birdhouse.

Oval Stones


Sorting the stones at certain intervals is very important in terms of appearance. A neat arrangement of large rock pieces as well as neatly cut oval stones will create a very enjoyable look.

Flower Under the Tree


Earthen pots placed on the edges of the pebbles placed on the sides of the trees create a whole look. A neat oval shape is drawn with pebbles and the outside is covered with grass.

Stones Buried in the Ground


In addition to the fact that the garden edges are covered with grass and flowers, neat-looking stones are buried in the soil. Appearance is clean and tidy.

Wooden Wall


There are lush flowers at the bottom of the high fence, which resembles a wooden wall. The flowers are lower than the grassy ground and this area separated from each other is clearly cut with random stones.

Copper Pots


Copper pots used in ancient times are piled in a corner of the garden so that they can all be seen separately. Pots create a strong look with wooden pieces.



A thin area is determined as the way to the house or exit. Apart from that, the whole garden is covered with flowers in the same form. In this landscape, the road is covered with concrete.

Stone Frog


The frog appearance created by painting the stones can be placed under the rising flowers like lilies after being painted with black and green colors.

Stony Heights


The grass area of ​​the garden is lowered so that the trees are covered and raised with stones. Stones are clearly visible. Lawns and areas with trees are well maintained.

Smooth Stones


The lower parts of the trees in square or rectangular structure are turned. Basil type ball plants are planted in these areas, which are built with smooth stones. Other lower parts are surrounded by grass and large paving stones.

Modern Looks


Covered with a modern floor covering, the neat edge of the area is surrounded by flowers. Appearance is neat and clean. Pots in front of the door are equipped with large and small flowers.

Wall Bottom


The edges of the walls are suitable areas for flowers. A natural design is created by placing large and small stones on the edges of the flowers planted in this area.



In this design, where the stones are used more intensively by planting flowers less frequently at the bottom of the wall, flowers are used in the spreading structure. The edges are sharply regular.

Dense Landscape


In this study, there is a wave-based study. When the knitted look created with tiles on the ground is over, grass appears, and when the grass is finished, there is a flowery appearance with stones. A lush look is created with the plant surrounding the wall.

Stone Step


While soil and flowers are located on the upper part of the stepped structure created with stones, there is a dense grassy area at the lower part. Natural plants emerging from the stones enrich the view.



In this structure, where a natural appearance is aimed, large and small stones are arranged in an orderly manner. There are flowers in between and there is a path created with a keystone.

It has a structure that will add pleasure to these special areas that can be created even with stones collected from nature. The fact that the products are cost-effective and easy to design is a great reason to create happy gardens.

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