3 Standing in the Name of Every Citizen with a Breath to the Future

With the Presidential decree in 2019 November 11 has been declared as National Afforestation Day. and with the slogan “Breath to the Future” and the call “11 Million Saplings, Saplings Today, Breath Tomorrow”, the world record was broken by bringing together more than 11 million saplings to the soil with the participation of all Turkey in one day.

Many organizations continue to support this campaign so that the Breath for the Future Mobilization will touch more people, increase the love and awareness of trees and soil, and leave a greener legacy to the future.

Within the scope of the “Breath to the Future” campaign carried out under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry this year, 3 saplings were planted on behalf of each citizen.

252 Million Saplings Planted This Year Within the Scope of Breathing into the Future Campaign

A total of 252 million saplings were planted for 84 million and Every citizen can view the certificates issued in their name in return for the saplings planted via e-government.

Distribution of saplings by provinces and afforestation images in the provinces from past to present and more from here you can reach

Within the framework of the National Afforestation Day, millions of citizens are expected to participate in the activities planned in many countries as well as in 81 provinces today.

Within the scope of the campaign, citizens can access the “Breath to the Future” certificate issued specifically for their names in return for the saplings planted through the e-government system.

In addition to the names of the 3 regions planted in the name of the people in the certificate, “We thank you for adopting a sapling by saying, “Today is the sapling, tomorrow is the breath.” message is included.

your certificate from here You can view it by logging into e-government.

Within the framework of the event, 252 million saplings grown by the General Directorate of Forestry until the end of the year are expected to be a “breath to the future”.

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