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How to wear a sweater over a dress? Now we tell you how to use the trend of recent times.

Wearing a sweater over a dress seems to continue its trend this year as well. The blogger named Jean Wang talks about “4 ways to wear a sweater over a dress” on his blog https://www.extrapetite.com/.

“I often get questions about sweaters, especially ones with a slightly thicker knit or relaxed fit, and how to make them look proportionate and petite.” Wang made a video on this subject that covers essential style tips and tricks. She shared this video of her recreating her favorite dresses and sweaters with her followers.

Wang shows you 4 ways to wear a sweater over a dress. Putting on the dress and putting on the sweater is not one of them, as most of us do. It shows the processes such as belting and putting the sweater on the waist to understand the waist curve.

Let’s look at the misuse first.

As most of us do, we don’t put on the dress and put on the sweater and go out on the street.

Folding the sweater in

We fold the sweater from the bottom inwards. So how is that sweater going to stay there? He also showed it in the video. We’ve added it below, but let’s not leave it wondering. A belt is attached to the waist of the dress, inside the sweater… He is tucking the sweater into the belt.

Shaped Fold

When wearing a sweater over a dress, you don’t need to fold the sweater straight inside. The style also stands when you fold it by slightly twisting and shaping.

Wearing a belt also looks very stylish.

Putting a belt around the waist of the sweater takes the dress to a completely different dimension.

Arched half fold

When a part of the sweater is inside the belt and some of it is outside of the belt, it seems as if a sweater is worn over a skirt, not a dress.

You can watch the video on Instagram

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