Add a Brand New Touch to Your Balcony Design 2022

Choosing a suitable design for your balcony is as important a step as planning the interior design of your home. It can be confusing to decide what kind of flooring you will use for this space, what kind of furniture you will use, and what kind of flower pots you will create. This causes many people to throw the balcony design into the background when they start to design their house. They often take the design of the interiors into consideration and often forget about another area – the balcony – which is as important as the whole interior design of their home.

You can choose one of these designs that will help you make your balcony design eye-catching. Of course, you can also share your chosen ideas with your friends or family for more inspiration.

Wooden Floors for Eye-catching Balcony Design

Who said a balcony can’t have the most beautiful design? The flooring of this balcony is made of wooden parquets, the edges are decorated with stones, and two flower pots and a lamp are added as accessories. You will not have any problems when it comes to furniture, because you don’t need any furniture! Just add two floor cushions and sit on these cushions and drink coffee with the person you love.

Garden on the balcony


It is a pity that although you love flowers, there is no suitable place for flowers in your home. But if you decide to turn the balcony of your house into a small garden like an outdoor space, your sadness may end. Because there is enough space for pots, plants and even a sitting area for your family and friends.

Add a Coffee Table and Two Chairs too


Your terrace can look like a modern cafe. Just add two modern chairs, a wooden coffee table and wooden flooring. If you pay attention to the details, you can make this space your favorite place to hang out! And of course, you shouldn’t forget to invite your friends to spend the weekend together.



Just because you have a small terrace doesn’t mean you can’t sleep here. On the contrary, you can turn this space into an outdoor bedroom and choose this place to sleep on hot summer nights. You can add a shawl and a few candles to complete the decor and romantic mood you have created. I love the idea of ​​creating such a space on the balcony for those who live in small apartments!

Small and Simple Balcony Decoration Idea


If you live alone in a small apartment and have a small terrace, you may want to try something simple without thinking too much about the design. All you have to do is add wooden flooring, a few small flower pots and a chair to help you sit and relax after work!

Balcony Carpet Combined with Sofa


Wooden parquets are pretty cool, but if you’re not on a budget or you want to add an armchair that matches the look on the floor, this is definitely the idea you’re looking for. In this photo, there is an armchair that is harmoniously matched with the carpet on the floor. Just having such a space can make you relax.

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