Antimicrobial and Biodegradable Food Packaging Was Produced

Scientists have developed food packaging material that is biodegradable, sustainable and kills microbes harmful to humans.

previously produced from fish waste Marinatex biodegradable packaging and Evoware We talked about edible and biodegradable food packaging produced from seaweed.

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This new product developed The biggest difference is that it kills bacteria and fungi that are harmful to human health by showing antimicrobial properties.

Developed by a team of scientists from Singapore Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) and the US Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, this smart food packaging material is biodegradable, sustainable and kills microbes harmful to humans. It has the capacity to extend the shelf life of fresh fruit by two to three days.

Natural food packaging is made from a type of corn protein called zein, starch and naturally derived biopolymers infused with a cocktail of natural antimicrobial compounds. Among the antimicrobial compounds; thyme oil, a common herb used in cooking, and citric acid, commonly found in citrus fruits.

In laboratory experiments, it has been observed that when exposed to moisture or an increase in enzymes from harmful bacteria, the fibers in the packaging release natural antimicrobial compounds and also kill common dangerous bacteria that contaminate food such as E. coli, Listeria and fungi.

The packaging is designed to release small amounts of antimicrobial compounds only in response to the presence of moisture or bacteria. This ensures that the packaging can withstand exposures such as moisture and bacteria for months.

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