Crochet Blanket Fiber Pattern

We have come up with a great model for crochet lovers. Although our crochet pattern is frequently used as a fiber pattern, it is also very suitable for baby blankets. It is used stylishly and comfortably because both sides are the same. It is a model that does not need a primer.

It is especially suitable for those who are new to knitting and looking for easy examples. We present this beautiful model to our esteemed followers. It can be used as a blanket, fiber, shawl, bedspread.

You can choose the yarn you want and the yarn and crochet hook that is prone to your hand. It would be better to choose the material used according to the type of knitting to be made and the tightness of the knitting you have. The model can be made in at least two colors. It is possible to increase the number of colors upon request.

How to do it: You can adjust the number of chains according to the model you will apply. So, for example, 80-100 cm base is the starting point for a baby blanket, while 30 cm is sufficient for the fiber. You can apply it by watching our video for detailed explanation. Good luck with..

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