Decorative Libraries are not only household items where you put your books, but also products that reflect your lifestyle, cultural background and understanding of decoration. You can use eye-catching bookcases produced with stylish and innovative designs and you can add a different atmosphere to your room.
Just as the books we choose reflect our view of the world, the library model we choose will display our identity and understanding of decoration. Decorative bookcases are produced in much more creative shapes and models today. You can set aside the classic flat-looking bookcase and find the chance to create a unique integrity with brand new designs.
In this article, we will try to give examples of modern library models to show you the absence.

Wall Mounted Bookcases

You can use wall-mounted bookcases to save space and create a stylish design with lighting. The assembled bookcase models that you can obtain from furniture markets will leave you a much larger living space. These models, which you can illuminate together with wall lighting, will be an ideal solution for small rooms.

Bookcases with Tree and Rectangle Design

If your expectation from a bookcase is more than just furniture to place your books, you may want to use one of the creative bookshelves in your room. Wooden tree-like bookcases are one of the options that will look very stylish in rooms with minimal decoration and in large rooms.

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Another example of wooden shapes that take up less space is rectangular bookcases that will hold much more books than tree-like models. In smaller rooms, you can choose one of these simple and stylish design models with a combination of wood and metal.
Bookcases Designed for Corners and Turns
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Corner bookshelves are one of the most used products among monochromatic, metal profiled or shelf-like bookcases. You can add a different atmosphere to your home with stylish designs preferred among decorative bookcases, especially in rooms with turns. These products, whose shelf length is shorter than the classical models, are one of the ideal solutions for using less books and even for putting ornaments such as trinkets.

Wall-Length Bookcases

If you want to allocate a large part of your room to your books or to tidy up your study room, you can use wall-length bookcases, which are usually monochrome and wooden, in your homes. In addition to books, you should take care that the large bookcases that will contain many of your belongings have a color that is compatible with your other decorative products and that they are bright.
When choosing decorative bookcases, it will be helpful to consider many features such as room size, location and color of other items.

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