Does Sweating Damage Hair Transplantation?

It is known that the factors that the scalp will be exposed to after hair transplantation affect the results of hair transplantation. Well, is sweating one of them?Hair Transplantation Doctor Yetkin BayerDoes Sweating Damage Hair Transplantation? It answers your question.

Things to Consider After Hair Transplant

Most people are investigating whether sweating after hair transplantation is harmful or not. There are even those who think that they will have big problems due to sweating. However, it is enough to pay attention to a few simple points in order not to have any problems in this regard. After the hair transplant procedure, the rules and precautions must be strictly followed.

After sowing, the hair roots are in an open wound position. Contact with sweat, which contains harmful bacteria, can lead to inflammation. For this reason, individuals who have planted should pay attention to this issue, especially in the first 10-day period.

Avoiding Sweating Conditions After Hair Transplant

After the hair transplant operation, the person should avoid excessive sweating so that the transplanted hair follicles are not damaged. Following the doctor’s recommendations, movements such as touching and scratching the hair should not be done during the first 10 days.

Sports activities will cause excessive sweating. In addition, going to the sauna, taking a bath with hot water, being outside on a hot day cause sweating. A person who has hair transplantation should be protected from excessive sweating. For this reason, he should not do sports and work in heavy works. In addition, it is important that the blood pressure and heart rate values ​​​​remain at normal levels until the risk of swelling and edema of the person who has hair transplantation is removed.

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Does Sweating Damage Hair Transplantation?

It will not be right to use a hat that tightens and disturbs the head area in the first 7 days after hair transplantation. Because the hat that comes into contact with the hair follicles causes friction, which naturally leads to destruction. Since the first days after hair transplantation are critical, the person should not touch anything on his head. If a person who has a hair transplant operation lives in a hot climate, it will be beneficial to stay indoors for the first 2 or 3 weeks after the procedure.

In addition, another important point is that individuals should not have sexual intercourse in the first 10 days after hair transplantation. Because sexual activities are practices that cause excessive sweating. This results in the contact of sweat with the wounds.

Paying Attention to Cleaning After Hair Transplantation

Those who want to have a hair transplant due to hair loss will be worried about the problems caused by sweat. However, we can say that sweating will not cause the transplanted grafts to fall out. In fact, excessive moisture in a person’s scalp can create the desired conditions for microbial growth. In this, it is very important that the person keeps his hair and scalp clean after the operation.

The donor area from which the grafts are taken heals within a few days after the procedure. During this healing process, it is necessary to rinse the area with warm water. The person should take a shower after the scalp has healed. It will also be good to wash the hair with regular water pressure and hair care products.

Sitting outside and sweating of a person who has had a hair transplant will not cause any problems. The warnings of experts against sweating is the formation of bacteria that can occur on the scalp and cause infection. These bacteria can cause the loss of hair follicles.

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It is necessary to understand the distinction regarding sweating very clearly. Heavy sports activities and physical exertion should not be performed during the recovery period. However, sweat will not be important as long as a person who sweats after hair transplantation washes away the sweat as soon as possible. After hair transplantation, it is necessary to pay attention to the bacteria on the scalp. These bacteria may not pose a problem to the health of the individual at normal time, but they can cause major problems in the sensitive process after sowing.

The healing process after hair transplantation should not be enlarged in the eye. Following the simple instructions of the specialist doctor will allow you to get through the healing process comfortably. The only thing that needs to be done is to take a little more care than usual time. Because hair transplantation is a surgical intervention.

Expert Opinion Matters

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The only authority that you will get information about hair transplantation and all similar surgical applications should be specialist physicians. Except for health institutions and physicians, no one has the authority to carry out these practices. Therefore, it is only within the jurisdiction of physicians to give advice on the post-hair transplant process. Does sweating after hair transplantation harm hair transplantation? The general answers to the question from the point of view of the physician are as follows. However, as the conditions may vary from person to person, you will definitely need to get information about yourself from your doctor.

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