Dowry Vest Model (Wheat Ear Example)

Dowry vest model (wheat ear sample) Especially dowry braidsis indispensable in two needle knitting patterns. It will look great on dowry vests today. wheat ear modelwe share with you.

Knitted vest models are indispensable for dowry. Knitted vests are knitted from past to present, and they are among the most worn clothes of our ladies in winter months. So how many vests do you have? Our ladies, who knit a lot, have at least 10 vests. You can find many knitting models on our site. You can share your knitting patterns with us.

After choosing the yarn that suits your knitting and your taste, we start by choosing the appropriate number of skewers. The most suitable number will be written on the label of your rope. It is a model that will suit baby and adult knitting as well as dowry knitting.

On our site, there are many two-skewer models and their explanations that you can adapt to your knitting. You can access all of them by browsing and apply them easily.

Dowry Vest Model (Example of Ear of Wheat)

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