Earrings in polymer clay

Hello. During the pandemic period, I first became interested in ceramic clay and then polymer clay as a hobby. Discovering that I have a handicraft and creativity, I started making earrings from polymer clay and getting more pleasure from making them. And I stopped and thought. If I’m not working during this period, why shouldn’t I sell these earrings? After some research, I opened social media accounts and shopping platforms. I took pictures of the earrings many times. I was the one to feel the most comfortable with and determined reasonable prices in proportion to the costs. I made stylish designs that are suitable for every style and can be easily combined. I hope I will develop this art and turn it into a business and become an earring for the ladies. :) Thank you very much in advance for your support! If you want to follow our instagram name: suaveatelierantalya. I wish you blessed days.

Polymer Clay Earrings IMG 20211215 231813 090 IMG 20211215 234526 975 IMG 20211215 234903 592 IMG 20211215 235005 153

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