Color Harmony in Decoration is one of the most curious subjects of those who want to create an elegant atmosphere and a different style in their homes. The use of color is a decoration element that gives a room more than expected. When you use harmonious and contrasting colors correctly, you can have the chance to create a decoration that will refresh you and your guests.

Color selection is directly related to what kind of light we want in the room we want. While some color choices create dim and dark spaces, others allow us to benefit more from the light. Color harmony in decoration When making the decision, we need to consider many features, from the shape of the room to its size. For example, the color choices for a room with daylight and a dark room will be different from each other.

Harmony of colors is not just about making use of light. Reflecting our understanding of decoration and giving the right message in living spaces are among the main issues related to the selection of harmonious colors. Instead of randomly chosen colors or classic solid color choices, you can have the chance to create a much more pleasant atmosphere by focusing on details. You can create your own decoration with the simple and effective tips below.

Set Your Own Style

If you want to reflect your own style on your decoration, you can first consider the colors that you prefer. You can identify the colors that you love and that should be present in the living area, and you can choose the items accordingly. Even if you have a favorite color, you can use furniture or wall paints that are compatible with your favorite color without going over a single color.

Choosing Items of Different Colors

After determining your basic colors, you can turn to a little difference in the selection of items. You can choose bright items that will illuminate darkly chosen basic colored objects, or you can apply the opposite to your space. If you think that there are many repetitive colors in the items, you can spice up your environment by using different colored accessories.

Complete the Color Match with the Ground Color

Today, large and one-piece carpets have started to be replaced by more decorative and small rugs. When choosing carpets or rugs, be careful to choose contrasting colors with the general room. You can usually choose the colors of products such as tiles or parquet on the floor to create a contrast.
Below examples for color harmony in decoration We tried to give Depending on the size and shape of your room, you can get inspired by the following creative ideas.



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